How to grow a beard

How to Grow a Beard

Growing a beard can be an adventure worth embarking on.

Many of us come from different beard growing genes, and that means that some grow hair at an exponential rate, and others struggle to grow anything that’s even visible.

There seems to be different categories of beard growers with different questions and concerns.  You may belong to one of these.

1)    Those with an abundant supply of facial hair but have trouble grooming it to correct specifications, or find their beard uncomfortable and wild.

2)    Those who grow hair, which may even come in quickly and full in some places, but patchy or uneven in others, which can seemingly limit how it can be styled.

3)    Those who pray nightly to the Beard Gods for a full luscious beard, but their prayers go seemingly unheard, and they are left with small amounts of hair or peach fuzz like appearances instead.

We’ll cover options for each of these types of people.

Just pick the page that seems to represent you the best and use the tips and tricks you wish to help you on your quest for a better beard experience!